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【电台】The World Earth Day
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to our radio talk show. 

This is Sally.  And I'm Lydia.


Lydia: April 22 this year is the 53rd world earth day. Do you know anything about this festival?



Sally: I only know that it is a festival specially set up for the protection of the world's environment, but I don't know the details. Can you tell me a story about this festival?



Lydia: Of course. This was initiated by the United States in 1970 and has now grown to 192 countries around the world. World earth day aims to raise public awareness of existing environmental problems and mobilize people to participate in environmental protection campaigns. Improve the overall environment of the earth through green and low-carbon life. Since the 1990s, China has held world earth day on April 22 every year.



Sally: It means a lot to humans. I learned today that Apple will launch today at Apple's "create for all things" series of courses in response to world earth day to guide everyone to speak for the earth. At the same time, major game platforms have also launched relevant activities.

Sally:这对于人类来说意义非凡。我今天得知苹果为响应世界地球日,将推出Today at Apple “为万物,齐创造系列课程,引导大家为地球发声。同时,各大游戏平台也推出了相关活动。


Lydia: Yes, this year's world earth day will follow the publicity theme of "cherish the earth and live in harmony with nature". Organize and carry out theme publicity activities in the form of activity week.


Sally: It's urgent to protect the environment. In recent years, the earth disaster film reminds the world not to forget to protect the earth. Before the avalanche, no snowflake felt responsible. On earth day, we should realize that each of us can play a role in protecting nature.



Lydia: Yes, I remember the sad past. Earthquakes, storms, mountain fires, floods, tsunamis and so on have brought varying degrees of damage to human production and life. It is a common theme of the international community that mankind should understand the occurrence and development of these disasters in a scientific sense and minimize the harm they cause.


Sally: Human beings have only one earth, how to cherish our blue Homeland? What can we do for the Earth? Some efforts in life may make us add green to the Earth. The understanding is in place, and the action can't be left behind.



Lydia: Yeah, in fact, some efforts in life may make us add green to the Earth.

Lydia: 对,其实,生活中的一些举手之劳也许能让我们为地球添抹绿。


Sally: In my view, to start with garbage sorting that enables a zero waste environment. We produce a lot of garbage every day. Disordered mixing not only leads to the spread of odor, but also pollutes the soil and underground water.



Lydia: I agree! We also need to save water. Water resources are very important to human beings, but they are not inexhaustible

Lydia: 我同意!我们还要节约用水。水资源对于人类来说非常重要,但它并不是取之不尽、用之不竭的。


Sally: Water conservation should start from every bit of life. For example, the first time washing rice or vegetables can be watered; The water after washing the face and washing can be left to clean the floor, wash the toilet, etc.

Sally: 节约用水要从生活的点点滴滴做起,比如淘米或洗菜的第一遍水可以浇花;洗脸、洗衣后的水可以留下来擦地、冲厕所等。


Lydia: One more thing--Protect wild animals and refuse to eat them.

Lydia: 还有,保护野生动物、拒食野生动物。


Sally: Right! You reminded meAt present, the new coronavirus epidemic is rampant all over the world. Under this grim situation, people are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting wild animals.

Sally: 对!你提醒了我!目前,新冠疫情肆虐全球。在如此严峻形势下,人们愈发明白保护野生动物的重要意义。


Lydia: Of course! After all, the behavior of refusing to eat wild animals and protecting biodiversity is also to protect human beings themselves.

Lydia: 当然了!毕竟拒绝食用野生动物以及保护生物多样性其实也是保护人类自身。

Sally: In recent years, the concept of green and low-carbon travel has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. What do you think of this?

Sally: 这几年,绿色低碳出行理念深入人心。对此,你怎么看?


Lydia: If conditions permit, you can try to walk or ride a bicycle or take public transportation to travel more and reduce the use of motor vehicles.

Lydia: 我觉得在条件允许的情况下,可以多尝试步行或骑自行车或乘坐公共交通工具出行,减少使用机动车。


Sally: When the weather is fine, you can also go outdoors for cycling and walking, which not only exercises your body, relaxes your mind, but also reduces energy consumption.

Sally: 在天气晴好的时候,大家也可以多去户外骑车、健步走等,既锻炼了身体,放松了身心,也降低了能耗。


Lydia: This Blue Planet has existed for billions of years. As a new 'new member', human beings should cherish this homeland and naturally guard its splendor with serenity, harmony and beauty.

Lydia: 这颗蔚蓝的星球已经存在了几十亿年,人类作为初来乍到的新成员,更应珍爱这片家园,还自然以宁静、和谐、美丽,守护它的精彩。


Sally: Cherish the Earth and coexist harmoniously with nature. The nature we love will be better because of your care and mine!

Sally: 珍爱地球,与自然和谐共生,我们所爱的大自然,必将因你我的呵护而更加美好!


That's all for today, thank you for listening and taking your time



That’s all for today. 

Thank you for your listening and taking your time.




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